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The ForNow

The For Now ® Created Diamond Cubic Zirconia Simulant

The Only Created Cubic Zirconia Stone Endorsed by Fred Cuellar, The Diamond Guy® at Diamond Cutter's International

BodyJewels mission over the past 20 years is to bring to our client's the {"Finest Cubic Zirconia Diamond Simulant"} in the world. Because without the Finest Cubic Zirconia in our Jewelry it would make it just another jewelry item. We understand that times are hard and that everyone cannot afford a diamond. However With the For Now™ Cubic Zirconia, Your Dream Ring or Jewelry Item Is Just a Click away. With the For Now {"Cubic Zirconia"} you can now have a stunning created diamond simulant engagement ring or wedding band set into Pure 14kt 18kt Rose Gold and Pure Platinum, as well as enjoy in the "design and creation "of your special dream jewelry item. Remember that you're For Now ™ stone is set into precious metal and at a later date you "Can" place a Genuine Diamond into your mounting.

We have heard from so many of our clients. All of them say the same thing; I really want a genuine diamond but I can't afford the price. We bring you the For Now™. We can also mix and match genuine diamonds and gemstones with your cubic zirconia

I would Like the Very Best Cubic Zirconia Diamond Simulant to put in a custom cubic zirconia made engagement ring or wedding band. Can you help? All of you repeating the same statement over and over. I want a really nice diamond, but I just can't afford it. I would rather save my money for my honeymoon, a new car, a new house. Can you help?

We listened to you and Yes We Can!

All of our Clients repeating the same statement over the years. While our standard cubic zirconia stones are stunning. We wanted to create the very best diamond cubic zirconia simulate on the market today. With the help of our diamond specialist, Diamond Cutters, and our rough cubic zirconia suppliers. We worked diligently, finally after 5 prototypes we created the 'ForNow™'.

The 'ForNow' Stone is cut to perfect proportions following the 65/65 Cutting rule and faceted to perfection to replicate the best ideal cut diamond on the market today. As well as a few little secrets that we added to make the perfect stone.

This is not a real diamond this is a simulated cubic zirconia stone to bring you joy for a lifetime. The next best thing, the absolute very best simulated Cubic Zirconia Created stone cut today.

Our ForNow™ stones are cut in house by Our Diamond Cutters by hand. Each stone to order to perfection. Each stone can come laser inscribed with your unique ID number or message to insure that you are getting a Genuine ForNow Stone.

Our ForNow simulated cubic zirconia diamonds come now in every shape, size, and most colors upon request, The Standard stone sizes are shown online. Keep in mind we can cut any shape, size or replicate any stone you need upon request. Our ForNow™ stones start 1/2 carat and for up to 200 Carats. "Our ForNow ™stones are a Special Order" stone and we will start cutting the same day you place your order. These are non-cancelable after 24 hours due to stone cutting will have started. Each ForNow Comes with a Lifetime Unlimited Warranty, for defects outside of normal wear and tear. Or We will replace It PEROID! Cutting times on the ForNow Stone is 12 Business days, If you need a special shapes or carat weight or sizes cut please... contact us at 877-469-2485, email us at

All of our For Now stones can be placed in our custom jewelry creations upon request or sold stand alone. Note: All of Our Elite Collection: Design's By Cynthia all come with our For Now™ Cubic Zirconia stones For Now™ we hope that we can make all your dreams come true!

All the Best to all of you ..

Cynthia ~ Designer of Dreams

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