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BodyJewels Rules of Engagement: Commissioning a Custom Jewelry Item

Bodyjewels would like to make the process of getting a custom made engagement ring or jewelry item as simple, straightforward and transparent as possible. Be it a Custom Engagement Cubic Zirconia or Diamond Ring,Pendant,Earrings or Any jewelry item of your Dream's.

Commissioning custom jewelry work requires some degree of imagination. Many client's get confused to visualize a three-dimensional picture as object which in turn will be your choice of a design. I am here to help translate your thoughts into action, creating your Magnificent Custom Jewelry Jewelry.

I suggest you start by gathering different designs so I may help you create the Custom Dream Jewelry of a lifetime.. Try to limit your choices to Few styles through a process of elimination. Look online, in retail stores, magazine ads, involve friends, and relatives. Our online catalog is a very useful tool for comparing different options. Use the Form below or Set a Appointment with me at 877-469-2485

Getting A Quote:

As Soon as I get your request , I will set up a appointment with you , I will need at least 30 Minutes to 1 Hour of your time to go over your thoughts and inspiration for your custom design, at this time I will go over every aspect of your wishes, and we together will work to create a Jewelry Item of your Dreams! Once this is done I will give you a approximate Quote on your Item. Please keep your appointments, or call us if any time changes , so we can allow time to another Client to Created there Dream.

Your Rendering's

Please be patient. Your trust in our craftsman's skills is essential for the success of your project. When work is being done on your piece we must be able to go back and correct elements I am not happy with, or even start again if necessary. This is done with your best interest in mind, and unfortunately it takes more time. We know that this can be nerve wracking, However I want your new Dream item to be " Perfect" and Perfection sometime take a bit longer, Renderings are usually delivered to you VIA email within 48 to 72 hours for your approval, and well as by a follow up call for any changes.

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