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Cubic Zirconia

About "Cubic Zirconia"

The For Now Simulated Diamond Cubic Zirconia has been chosen as the best cubic zirconia hand cut created diamond in the US. Voted as the best hand cut cubic zirconia endorsed by The Diamond Guy at Diamond Cutters International.

Do not be fooled by other stones that claim to be Ideal Cut.Most of your Cubic Zirconia's sold come from overseas and are machine cut. With our 3 Years of Porto Types and the Help of The most knowledgeable Diamond Person in the US we have created the very best Ideal cut simulated cubic zirconia diamond in the US with our patent pending.

We use only top grade American cubic zirconia rough from Ceres corporation of Niagara Falls, N.Y., which is the very best in the industry. Only top grade American rough from Ceres corporation of Niagara Falls, N.Y., which is the best in the industry. They were the first who made cubic zirconia rough it in the U.S. and still continue making it now.

Top brilliance and Fire from our precision cutting

All of our cubic zirconia For Now stones are hand cut by us in NY ,USA following the 65/65 cutting rule ,as well as all Our Cubic Zirconia Stones are Cut by our Diamond Cutter's to insure you are getting the very best simulated diamond on the market today OR YOUR MONEY BACK! With our computer designed performing cams, our stones of the same shape and size will be exactly the same in contour. We use the angle-index cutting machines. Our cutters use 10x-loupes in every step of the cutting. We also use finely graded 0.25-0.50 micron size the finest available) synthetic industrial diamond powder for the final polishing. With the uncompromising perfection-oriented 3 stages quality control, customers can be sure that every single stone is precisely perfect to absolute perfection, brilliance and luster. Ease of Use *Header #3 The identical 3-dimensional geometry of the stones of the same shape and size, together with the size tolerance of +,- 0.10 mm. in stones without points (e. grounds, ovals etc.) and +,- 0.2 mm. in stones with points (e.g. marquises, pears etc.) allows faster setting with much less damages. Incorporate our cut stones in your pieces of jewelry and give your Jewelry absolute brilliance!


The CZ story began in 1937, when the cubic form of zirconium oxide (CZ for short), was discovered by two German mineralogists. It wasn't until the 1970"s however - when Soviet scientists learned how to "grow" this mineral in a laboratory - that it became popular with jewelry designers.

Gemologists agree that Cubic Zirconia is the finest diamond simulant because it comes closer than any other gem material to matching the characteristics of a diamond. Most people, even trained gemologists, cannot tell the difference with the naked eye. Almost all the cubic zirconia rough in the market, today, is chemically comprised of zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide. Individually, both of these materials are opaque, white ores, but when they're melted together under appropriate conditions, they combine to form an amazingly brilliant, clear crystal.

Producing fine cubic zirconia is an art in itself. The extremely high temperature required to melt the ores (almost 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit) is too hot for any conventional crucible, or melting vessel, to withstand. Therefore, to produce cubic zirconia, a "skull crucible" system is used, where the melting zirconia powder actually creates the sides of its own container during its manufacture. Cooling this extremely hot molten ore is the most crucial step in the entire process. A carefully programmed cooling procedure is needed to form the flawless crystals that become cubic zirconia gemstones.

Like diamonds, the best cubic zirconia are colorless (or white) and don't lose their brilliance. Given proper cleaning, the cubic zirconia will retain its beauty for years. To fill the need for colors, BodyJewels also hand cutís a variety of colored cubic zirconia. The For Now and Our Cubic zirconia stones are cut in the same way diamonds are. The size of the gemstone is usually indicated by its weight in carats, a carat being one-fifth (1/5) of a gram. The stone can also be measured in millimeter diameter size.

Because the cubic zirconia stone is so dense and solid, it outweighs a diamond of the same millimeter size, weighing 1.7 times more than a diamond of the same millimeter diameter. When we talk about carat weight to describe a CZ, we use the diamond equivalent weight or the diameter of the stone in millimeters. In other words, Cubic Zirconia is heavier on a scale.

The best cleaning agent for cubic zirconia is liquid dishwashing detergent. But, other cleaners can be used, preferably those without ammonia. Natural skin oils, soap, and dirt cause a film that dulls the beauty and luster of the cubic zirconia, just as it dulls real diamonds. A cubic zirconia is as hard as a good sapphire coming in at 8.5 on the MOHS hardness scale.

When you shop at you can enjoy our Hand Cut For Now Cubic Zirconia Jewelry set in Pure 14kt 18kt Sterling Silver and Platinum and be confident that the quality of your gems will be as beautiful as those costing thousands of dollars more. All jewelry is set our For Now Cubic Zirconia stones in pure 14kt 18kt & Platinum. Our items are not plated, dipped or coated with gold. These are the same settings that are used for diamonds and Our Movie Starís and are set by professional gem setters.

At BodyJewels Our Cubic Zirconia Stones are GUARANTEED to stay bright - like a diamond - forever. It is impossible to tell the difference between a diamond and a well-cut cubic zirconia without a tester, a scale or the high magnification of an electron microscope. BodyJewels jewelry is so authentic it has all the fire and depth of brilliance of the finest natural gem stones.

They're not imitation diamonds - they're genuine cubic zirconia! Our CZ's are already converted to diamond equivalency. Therefore, one of our 1 Ct. CZ's would be equivalent to a 1 Ct. diamond. Once you compare the quality of our stones, the weight and body of the gold and the price. You will never buy CZ jewelry anywhere else. Our jewelry is so spectacular, it will look like you have been shopping at a world class jewelry store. Visit our store to compare our prices, quality and workmanship. You'll never want to shop anywhere else. If you're looking for something different, we specialize in designing pieces exclusively for our customers. Send, or bring us pictures or drawings and we'll design jewelry exclusively for you.

All BodyJewels Jewelry come with our unconditional lifetime warranty peroid!

Caring for your CZ Jewelry

† 1. Cubic Zirconia that is set in Karat-gold or Platinum 950 can be worn every day.

† 2. While almost as hard as diamond, CZ is more brittle. So take precautions, such as removing CZ jewelry when doing heavy work. (Even a diamond can chip if hit a certain way.)

† 3. Remove your CZ jewelry before showering or cleaning, because soap can leave a sparkle-dimming film. Similarly, remove jewelry when applying makeup and face/body powder, as they can dull its shine.

† 4. Avoid touching your cubic zirconia stones; the natural oils on your fingers can leave a film that dulls the brilliance.

† 5. Have your jewelry checked by a jeweler regularly.

Your jeweler will check for loose settings and professionally clean the jewelry as well.Cleaning your CZ jewelry The more you clean your CZ jewelry, the more spectacular it will look. All jewelry loses its beauty if soap, hand cream, dirt, and body oils collect and solidify on it. Our Colored Stones Besides cubic zirconia jewelry, you will find a number of pieces featuring both cz's and simulated emeralds, canary, rubies, sapphires, amethyst and blue topaz as well as the exciting new simulated tanzanite
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